We are a User Rated Directory Service that was created to help fellow citizens find the best Towing Company of Toronto city. But also to help them check the Ratings and Quality of their services online themselves with just 1 click.

So we empower our Towing consumer of Toronto to see through the fog and save them from a calamity on top of the car trouble they usually would be in to call such services for help.

Heroes Pay it Forward!

Hi All,

We are an exclusive community, finding best towing company in Toronto, for and by the residents of Toronto City. Our sole purpose came to exist in the last few years, when a large number of citizens, under the extreme weather conditions of the city, using transport vehicles in one form or another, faced an emergency and had to call for help to a Tow Truck or an even larger Towing Services Company for some emergency roadside assistance.

Now, everyone started reporting their experiences on the social media. while some of the individuals were reporting relief under such dire situations, most of these innocent folks were reporting a bad experience ranging anywhere from time delays and bad service, all the way up to out right criminal negligence and property damages. Sadly, in Some Cases, Even Fraudulent Hidden Charges and Scams!

But Nobody knew what to do about this, except warn fellow citizens on the social media and move on with our lives.

From this natural humanitarian need rose an activist community, who decided to pool together this data and bring to life a Towing Services listing and monitoring website where everything can be displayed transparently, for all the fellow citizens of Toronto to benefit from in the future.

Hence, torontow.me was created with exactly that solution in mind. Now any resident can cast their vote and rank the services they experience on this platform. and also use this same platform to get all the information they need about a Towing Company or a Service provider, all on the same page.

How this is relevant, well most of the complaints were about being unable to find the correct service and having to make many calls to unknown individuals before you discover what fate was actually waiting for you at the end of the day. Not a surprise with a Tow Truck industry in Toronto City Riddled with mafia style gangs and wars (you can read all about such news if you don’t believe it.)

So yea! this is a public service effort. PAY IT FORWARD style!

and if you are reading this, this is a call for you to join hands and promote this enough to reach every corner of this beautiful city and we can save a fellow human being from some damage and make their day ordinary to say the least.

all it takes is just 1 share and move on.

so If you live in Toronto, or have some friends or family in Toronto,

please do your part and be that HERO.


by sharing this positive effort.

You have a Good Day Now!